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Perhaps best known as a photographer this link will take you to some of John's photos.

Visual Concerts
Imagine beautiful music playing accompanied by beatiful images flashing in front of you – a visual feast and concert. Check out John's YouTube Videos (opens in new window).

Here you see John as a writer – fables for our time!

Another interest – John creates video of events, happenings, gatherings – anything you can imagine.

Photography Books
Learn about John's 7 photography books, or check out Wake Up America! The Bumper Sticker Book. (Adobe PDF file – 5 MB, opens in new window)

Learn a bit more about John.

John's latest book To Laugh at Ourselves is just published (November 2014). Check out its own page or order from Amazon.

"John Pearson has the loving attentiveness which causes clouds to swirl, waves to emit light, and sand to carry messages."
     – Anais Nin

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Check out the new book
To Laugh at Ourselves!

Download the book
Wake Up America! (PDF, 5 MB)

a visual concert or
a portrait session

an original video

Go to see
John's YouTube Videos!

John Pearson

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