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John has many books to his credit. Here's a picture of the cover of each. There is also a separate page for To Laugh at Ourselves, John's newest book published in 2014. See Also: book purchasing information for other books.

And you can order To Laugh at Ourselves from Amazon or download Wake Up America! The Bumper Sticker Book (Adobe PDF file – 5 MB, opens in new window).

To Laugh at Ourselves Cover To Laugh at Ourselves
Kindle Edition
ASIN: B00P35V3P8 (Kindle)
Order this book from Amazon now.

Wake Up America CoverWake Up America: The Bumper Sticker Book
Download Wake Up America! The Bumper Sticker Book.
(Adobe PDF file – 5 MB, opens in new window)


Music of Life Cover The Music of Life
Paperback with cassette tape
Music & Light Unlimited
1343 Sacramento Street
Berkeley, CA 94702
ISBN: 0-930647-49-1 (paperback)
Order this book now.

Calligraphy of Nature Cover The Calligraphy of Nature
ISBN: 0-060911-53-0 (paperback)
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Magic Doors Cover.jpg Magic Doors
Addison-Wesley Pub. Co.
ISBN: 0-201056-69-0-P (paperback)
ISBN: 0-201056-68-2-H (hardcover)
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Begin Sweet World Cover Begin Sweet World
ISBN: 0-385110-65-0 (paperback)
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Suns Birthday Cover The Sun's Birthday

ISBN: 0-385074-12-3 (paperback)
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Kiss the Joy cover Kiss the Joy as it Flies
The Bookworks
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To Be Nobody Else Cover To Be Nobody Else
Jomeri Publications &
Ballantine Books
St. Martin's Press
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Purchasing Information

Of the books, only The Music of Life is still in print – it can be ordered directly from John. The other books can be found used in many places. Consider checking:

The following links take you to the page for that book at Amazon books – they often have used copies available.

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