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John Pearson, who lives in Berkeley, John
in Hot Tubhas been in love with photography for more than thirty years. His subjects are people, nature, and anything that has light on it.

Mr. Pearson studied photography with Wayne Miller, Eugene Smith and Ruth Bernhard and is a graduate of Duke University and Union Theological Seminary. He is the author/photographer of seven books, including To Be Nobody Else, The Sun's Birthday, Begin Sweet World, Magic Doors, The Calligraphy of Nature, and The Music of Life, a book and cassette with selected music and photographs from the performance.

John & LizJohn has performed multi-image slide presentations around the world with clarinetist Richard Stoltzman, pianist Bill Douglas, and bassist Eddie Gomez. Locally, he co-ordinates visual concerts in which photographers and musicians perform together. He performs every month or two at Strings, a performance showcase space in Berkeley, CA. Check the Strings monthly calendar.

He lives in Berkeley, California with his wife, Liz Lamson.

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   Home  –  Photographs  –  Video  –  Visual Concerts  –  Books  –  Fables  –  Biography  –  YouTube

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