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The Whale Who Wanted To See More Than Sea World
a Fable by John Pearson

Gertrude, a whale who was a libra, had been balancing trainers on her nose for years. One day she thought, "Why am I doing this? I could be in the ocean hearing humpback whale songs. I could be frolicking in Florida and swimming with dolphins and the people who swim with dolphins. I could be swimming with sea turtles in Hawaii."
SheSea World Whale wondered "How can I escape?" Then she suddenly realized that she could volunteer for the whale research center at the San Francisco Aquarium. In addition to being the subject of research she would have to spend some time circling around their big fish tank and peering at all the people. But that was a small sacrifice to make compared the job at Sea World.
It would be a step in the right direction toward what she really wanted to do which was to move to Baja and have babies at Scammons Lagoon. So she spent about a year in the San Francisco Aquarium where the staff researched her and she researched them. She found that they had strange mating habits (out of water) and that they sat in something called offices most of the time. The staff liked her except when she would sometimes spout off.
One day she asked her boss if she could take a leave of absence. She was surprised when he said yes. She found out later they were going to replace the whales with sharks anyway because Jaws had just come out, and they wanted to be contemporary.
She decided the only way to get to Baja was to try to get into a film being made there. She heard accidentally that Moby Dick was being shot off the coast of Baja. She applied but found that they were using a mechanical whale instead of a real one, which didn't look anymore like a whale than your grandmother. Also it was pretty creaky. She had heard that Gregory Peck was also pretty creaky.
Anyway she heard about another movie being made called Belugas in Baja. Even though she wasn't a Beluga she thought she might get a swim on part. There weren't any small parts for such a big whale. So she headed out to see what she could see in the sea and met and fell head over flippers in love with a humpback whale. She didn't get to Scammons Lagoon, she didn't have babies, but neither did she have to balance trainers or swim endlessly in tanks, or swim with those people who loved to swim with dolphins. It seemed O.K.

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